Fahre mit der Eisenbahn, fahre, Mädchen, fahre, Auf dem Deck vom Wasserkahn wehen deine Haare.

Tauch in fremde Städte ein, lauf in fremden Gassen; höre fremde Menschen schrein, trink aus fremden Tassen.

Lauf in Afrika umher, reite durch Oasen; lausche auf ein blaues Meer, hör den Mistral blasen!

Wie du auch die Welt durchflitzt ohne Rast und Ruh-: Hinten auf dem Puffer sitzt du.

- Kurt Tucholsky


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08-08-08, Krakow - Maly Rynek; 19:58pm

Heut Abend, nachdem ich ein neues Hostel gefunden hab, bin ich wieder durch die Altstadt von Krokow gelaufen. Diese Stadt ist wirklich so ungleublich schoen... wurde im Krieg nicht zerstoert und es steht eine Kirche neben der naechsten und dazwischen noch zwei andere schoene Gebaeude, es gibt lauter kleine Restaurants, Bars, Laeden und Maerkte und ueberall tummeln sich die Touris... und ich natuerlich immer mittendrin . but it would be worth to stay longer here.
Ich hab am Markt Polish food gegessen und Polish beer dazu (was sonst!?) und einem seltsamen Ukrainischen Saenger gelauscht. Jetzt sitze ich auf einem netten kleinen Platz, riche die neue Stadt um mich herum und hoere ihr zu.
10.8.08 22:04


07-08-08, bus Auschwitz to Krakow; 15:53pm

7 Tonnen Haare, 40.000 Schuhe und warum?
- warum warum warum -

Ich war heute in Auschwitz und it changed the perspective. Die Welt sieht wieder ein wenig anders aus und ich weiss nicht richtig, wie ich sie ueberhaupt sehen soll... Birkenau ist so unermesslich gross. Man sieht nur Baracken von der einien bis zur anderen Seite. 100.000 Menschen waren hier zu Hochzeiten. Ich konnte es mir vorher gar nicht vorstellen. Eine unglaubliche Organisation. - allein zur Vernichtung, zur syztematischen Vernichtung von anderen Menschen. Auschwitz sieht, wenn man mal von dem Stacheldraht und den Warnschildern absieht, aus wie ein grosses Feriencamp mit gruenen Baeumen und Backsteinhaeusern; oder wie ein amerikanisches College, maybe a military one. Und die Frau, die unsere Fuehrung macht, erzaelt von einer Grausamkeit nach der andern, eine schlimmer als die andere. Und alles so verdammt organisiert und ordentlich....
Verschiedene Erklaerungsversuche habe ich in letzter Zeit gelesen und trotzdem bleibt ein meinem Kopf ein grosses WARUM. Kann man das jemals erklaeren? - Ich wahrscheinlich nicht...
7.8.08 21:59

06-08-08, Train to Krakow; 10:08am

Ich fahre wieder.

Der Kopf ist noch voll mit Gedanken an zu Hause, was ich alles dalasse, was ich alles noch machen muss... - noch keine freudige Erregung, aber das wird sicher noch. Ich bin gespannt, was und wer mir wohl begegnet...
Mit einer hablen Stunde Verspaetung gibg die Fahrt nach Krakow los, 10 Stunden liegen noch vor mir, viele Gedanken, Aussichten und Buchseiten.


einige Stunden spaeter: das erste Buch habe ich durch, fuehle mich durch die Lektuere angeregt aus allen Internetnetzwerken auszusteige, Kreditkarten und Konten zu kuendigen, meine Privatsphaere zu schuetzen. Hoere mich gleichzeitig in meinem Kopf und weiss, dass ich es doch nicht tun werde. Warte also weiter auf das Ereignis, das mich endgueltig dazu treibt.

Bald bin ich da und das ist gut so .
7.8.08 21:29

24-04-06, Vitória; 8:30pm

Romaria da Nossa Senhora da Penha, 15th birthday’s parties right out of Gilmore Girls [on tape], crazy Brazilian parties and muitos brasileiros loucos...
yeah... that were some events over the last 2 weeks! It has been very interesting…
Sábado o 15. de abril we went to a party in Guarapari! Even though we normally have to work, we left early and only worked in the morning [not that we were really needed or something because on Saturdays there are always many Medical students]… the result of that is now, that our dear professor Pedro doesn’t talk to us anymore! He even sent another student to talk to us about our month at the project, if we liked it or if we had any problems. He is behaving a bit como o menino Lukas, he stopped talking to me for 4 days because I didn’t play with him – Lukas tem nove anos and is supposed to behave like that! But Pedro has a couple more years and still doesn’t take it better! Well, we’ll see what the last days will bring!
The party was an event and definitely an experience that I don’t need to have every Saturday… It was a concert with Axé, uma música de carnaval da Bahia, not very impressive but everybody can dance to it! And the main goal for guys at the party was to kiss as many girls as possible – and by kissing I’m talking about shoving ones tongue deep down into another mouth… I think all that is only possible with lots of alcohol… but here it seems to work this way! They all kiss right away and any other king of sexual activity has to wait a long time! [of course that is not true for all Brazilians!] It is really difficult to get a No though to somebody… I actually slapped one guy in the face! We were there with Marina and many of her friends! And as I said… it was an experience…

Sábado o 22, I joined my dear family on a pilgrimage to o convento da Penha! Nossa Senhora da Penha is the saint of Espírito Santo - I think! Lots of “Ave Marias”, singing, praying, candles, “Viva Nossa Senhora da Penha”, and 12km later the whole thing ended in a place with more singing and (!) food! Muitas gentes – about 10000! It was interesting and very catholic… over all it was bit too much for me!

Today I got to watch the dvd from Marina’s 15th birthday [that is always a big thing in Latin America – little girl gets introduced into society… smoothing like it]! Anyways here we’re having a celebration with hundreds of people, a ceremony, dresses from Cinderella, candles, food, dancing with the dad, godfather, cousin, brother,…… and keeping the same smile on the face for the whole evening! It looked like a very impressive event!

And my last week in Brazil began today as well! Time flies and doesn’t pass at the same time… I’m looking forward to coming home! I always do… but I’m also sad about leaving! I finally understand more of the language, know some people and find my way around! And on Friday I’m leaving… Vitória is a good place! We’ll see, maybe I’ll find my way back here someday! I definitely have to see more of Brazil! The country is so huge... and i only saw small bits of it...

On Friday I’ll be going to São Paulo and from there I’ll fly to Paris on Monday. I’ll spend one week in my dear little Saarland with my family and then I’ll once again take the CityNightLine to Vienna! And there… my books are already waiting for me… so I can study some more good stuff – medicine!?!
25.4.06 21:15

11-04-06, Vitória; 6:20pm

There I am... pretty much at the final point of my trip but it feels like it’s just starting in my head! So much to think, to work out, to remember, about living here still, about coming home again, about working, about studying… I don’t know what scares me more, I don’t know what I’m looking forward to….

But I’m really here! And I'm finally writing again... there is just so much I don't know how to say or describe....
I'm living at the house from Marina, the girl that stayed in my place last September; living at a house with pool, a small home cinema, 2 maids, a guy to clean the pool, one to walk the dog, a very difficult alarm system, which I keep setting off, and on Fridays comes the lady that does our nails…. – and also living at a house with people that are so friendly and helpful, that take me everywhere and want to make sure, I see as much as possible, with 2 doctors who want to show me each hospital, Portuguese lessons (especially about fruit); a house where I can not move as I wish, but am asked to take whatever I want….

And the other side here is my work at Cepas; the work with Pedro, the Professor of Social Medicine who doesn’t like Alemanha and who is the Patron of Cepas, “it’s his life!”, with Lousiane, the Brazilian woman that works at Cepas every day and has lots of patience with the kids, with Manu, who is trying to write her diploma about pedagogy but somehow got stuck with structuring the work of the children, with Franz and Kerstin, who study social sciences and speak better Portuguese than we, and on Saturdays with other medical students that visit houses and do basic medical care – and in the middle of all Lara and me for only a month…
There are also the children that give so much love and happiness, and then again don’t know how to play with each other without hitting, kicking and shouting at each other; there are their families that live in houses smaller than our bathroom, with one bed for 5 or more people; there is the mother of a 12 year old boy and a girl a bit younger that corrects me when I’m writing her date of birth “No, not '72, 1982!”…. and there is so much more!! - to see, to learn, to deal with….

Es is auf jeden Fall eine große Erfahrung für mich! Und mir geht soviel durch den Kopf.... Ich möchte ein Buch schreiben, Fotos machen, der Welt zeigen, die Welt sehen, zu Hause bleiben, die Welt verändern und Fernsehn.... ich denke an Haare schneiden, bunte Fingernägel, Shopping, Armut, Politik, Korruption, Helfen, Liebe und Schwangerschaft - alles gleichzeitig.... wie geht das eigentlich? Geht es euch auch so???
11.4.06 23:55

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